Spectrophotometric measurement of NAG (N-Acetyl-β-D-glucosaminidase) enzyme activity.

This kit procedure incorporates the VRA-GlcNAc substrate when a spectrophotometric measurement is required.

VRA reaction.jpg

Figure 1. VRA-glcNAc substrate 

Description Product Code
50 test kit 1300050
100 test kit 1300100

Kit Contains: Rapichrome Substrate V, Incubation Buffer R, Colour Development Buffer A

Optional – NAG enzyme Controls (Low, Medium and High)

NAG/Creatinine controls*

Description Product Code MSDS
High: NAG 2500-3500 μmol/h/L; creatinine 18 mM 1300008
Medium: NAG 1400-1800 μmol/h/L; creatinine 9 mM 1300009
Low: NAG 750-950 μmol/h/L; creatinine 3 mM 1300010

* These NAG/creatinine controls are for use with VRA-NAG kits only (1300050/1300100). For use with the MNP-NAG kits (1290050/1290100), please click here.

References: 1. Posci et al., (1990) VRA-GLcNAc: A novel substrate for N-Acetyl-β-D-glucosaminidase applied to the assay of this enzyme in urine. Clin chem 36: 1884-1888.
2. Posci et al (1991) Assay of N-Acetyl-β-D-glucosaminidase in neonate urine: comparison of two new colorimetric methods using MNP-GLcNAc and VRA-GLcNAc as substrates. Ann Clin Chem 29:292-295.
3. Sheira et al (2015) urinary biomarker N-Acetyl-β-D-glucosaminidase can predict severity of renal damage in diabetic nephropathy. J Diabet & Met Dis. 14:4.DOI 10.1186/s402-015-0133-6.

Please enquire for further details and indicate if the assay is to be carried out in serum so that we can supply a modified kit and assay procedure.