Helier Scientific Ltd scientists have over twenty years experience in the development and application of diagnostics assays from the first idea to the final product.  We have expertise in

  • Biochemical assays
  • Immunological wet and solid state procedures
  • Handling of clinical materials for example urine, serum and tissues
  • Cell culture toxicology
  • Development of chromogenic media
  • Collaboration in clinical trials

Previous contract work has included

  • Assaying clinical or veterinary samples to detect any nephrotoxic effect of drugs
  • The development of chromogenic substrates and media.
  • Adaptation and development of ELISA assays for drugs, metabolites and environmental toxins.
  • Application of a novel Iohexol test for eGFR and comparison to chromium-EDTA procedure
  • The assay of Retinol binding protein assays in pilot studies.

Helier Scientific Ltd undertakes short or long term contract work

To find out how we can help please telephone or email

Tel:          +44(0) 208 296 3111

Email:    info@helierscientific.com.

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