What we do

Helier Scientific Ltd (HSL) offers an assay service for the analysis and interpretation of a number of diagnostic tests together with a range of diagnostic kits and reagents. HSL has over 100 novel chromogenic enzyme substrates some of which have been incorporated into innovative diagnostic procedures. Our services and products cover microbiological, clinical chemistry and veterinary laboratories areas. We specialise in the provision of highly purified reagents including Diphencyprone and antibodies. HSL undertakes contractual research and development in these areas with new customers and collaborators.



Helier Scientific Limited (HSL) was established in 2004 initially to commercialise methods and ideas developed by scientists and clinicians working in the South West Thames Institute for Renal Research and in particular the measurement of urinary and serum biomarkers. In addition HSL carries out a number of specialist services including the novel patented finger prick GFR device for measuring true glomerular filtration rate in a more accessible and patient friendly manner. HSL is proud to provide a water testing service to local hospitals and home dialysis patients.

HSL now supplies products previously developed by PPR Diagnostics Ltd. Its scientists have pioneered the use of a Calibrant based colorimetric diagnostic kits for the enzyme NAG one of the earliest known early biomarker for acute kidney injury resulting from nephrotoxic drugs, environmental pollutants or renal disease. A novel range of chromogenic substrates developed by PPR have been incorporated in chromogenic media for Candia species, Salmonella, E. coli and Mycoplasma agalactiae and bovis. HSL can now supply highly purified Diphencyprone to pharmacies and dermatologists. This compound is used for the treatment of Alopecia, recalcitrant warts and certain types of Melanoma. HSL is currently developing a rapid Point of care test for urinary tract infection.

Working in association with The South West Thames Institute for Renal Research and The Royal Society of Chemistry.



The company has Trademarks RapichromeTM Community Trade Mark No 005285333, Trademark USA No. 3495042 (2008) and GRAMBACTORTM UK and EU Trademark No 012552899.