NAG Creatinine controls and standards

NAG Calibrants

Two NAG calibrants are included in each kit for the calibration procedure. Additional calibrants are available if required.

NAG/Creatinine controls

NAG creatinine controls

Freeze-dried controls with high, medium and low enzyme activities and creatinine concentrations incorporated are used to control studies involving batches of urine samples. The controls are particularly useful when the larger throughput clinical analysers are used.

Creatinine standards

Freeze-dried high, medium and low creatinine standards are used for routine clinical analysis.

NAG standards

Freeze-dried high medium and low enzyme standards are used where NAG is determined in e.g. serum or plasma samples.

NAG/Creatinine controls

High: NAG 2500-3500 μmol/h/L; creatinine 18 mM (1290008) –

Medium: NAG 1400-1800 μmol/h/L; creatinine 9 mM (1290009) –

Low: NAG 750-950 μmol/h/L; creatinine 3 mM (1290010) –

* These NAG/creatinine controls are for use with MNP-NAG kits only (1085/1290050/1290100). For use with the VRA-NAG kits (1300050/1300100), please click here.

Creatinine standards

These kits and controls above can be ordered individually or in larger batches if required. Please enquire for prices on bulk purchase.