Research and Development

HSL undertakes research and development within its area of expertise. Small or larger long term projects are undertaken. The company is particularly interested in point of care strip tests.


These include assay for established biomarkers of disease and tissue damage, renal function tests cytokines and markers of cellular nephrotoxity. HSL can provide a Dialysis Water testing service to Hospitals and patients with home dialysis, water quality is measured against the guidelines set down by UK Renal Association and Renal Transplantation.


These include NAG calibrant and spectrophotometric assay kits together with controls and calibrants, a highly sensitive spectrophotometric NAG kit, procedure. A range of novel chromogenic substrates are available for assaying hydrolytic enzymes some of which have been incorporated into chromogenic microbiological media. In addition HSL can provide highly purified Diphenylcyclopropenone (99.5% pure) or cGMP which are used in the treatment of Alopaecia, recalcitrant warts and melanoma cutaneous lesions.

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About Us

Precision identification of mechanisms and markers of infectious and renal disease.

HSL underwent a major restructuring in 2016 when the configuration of the company was changed. New directors were recruited with the expertise required to develop a modern international company capable of expanding to meet the needs of our customers. We acquired product lines, such as Rapichrome™ NAG, which complimented our existing services and brought in the professionals who could support the new products and initiate an expanding research and development programme. Future products will be based on this strong R&D programme.

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