Helier Scientific Ltd (HSL) offers an assay service for the analysis and interpretation of a number of diagnostics tests together with a range of diagnostics kits and reagents and compounds. We have over 100 novel chromogenic enzyme substrates some of which have been incorporated into innovative diagnostic procedures. Our services and products cover microbiological, clinical chemistry and veterinary laboratories areas. We specialise in the provision of highly purified reagents including diphencyprone, antibodies and chromogenic substrates. HSL undertakes contractual research and development in these areas with new customers and collaborators.


These include assay for established biomarkers of disease and tissue damage, renal function tests cytokines and markers of cellular nephrotoxity. HSL can provide a Dialysis Water testing service to Hospitals and patients with home dialysis, water quality and metal content is measured against the guidelines set down by UK Renal Association and Renal Transplantation.


These include a range of chromogenic substrates for glycosidases phosphatases, esterase and lipase enzymes We have two types for assay kits for NAG – a calibrant and a spectrophotometric NAG kits.  Both are supplied with controls and calibrants A range of novel chromogenic substrates are available for assaying hydrolytic enzymes some of which have been incorporated into chromogenic microbiological media. In addition HSL can provide highly purified diphencyprone (99.5% pure and GMP quality).

Research and Development

HSL undertakes research and development within its area of expertise. Small or larger long term projects are undertaken. The company is particularly interested in point of care strip tests.

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