Chromogenic Salmonella Agar (CSA)

For the detection of Salmonella species


Salmonellosis is the second most common cause of bacterial gastroenteritis. Approximately 40,000 cases of salmonellosis are reported in the United States each year  (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, 2006). Unless treated promptly with antibiotics the organism can cause death. The elderly, infants, and those with impaired immune systems are more likely to have a severe illness. This product incorporates the company’s esterase octanoate substrate.


Chromogenic Salmonella agar (CSE) is a modified base agar containing peptones and nutrient extracts and incorporates the novel PPR esterase substrate. The growth of Salmonella spp. on this agar results in the hydrolysis of the ester to produce a brightly coloured phenol that remains within the colonies. This reaction is also dependent upon the presence of sugars and other energy substrates present in the medium. After 24 hours incubation at 37 or 42°C colonies of typical Salmonella species are burgundy coloured on a transparent yellow background whereas non-Salmonella species are white, cream, yellow or transparent.

Key Features

  • Evaluation studies indicate a 93.1% sensitivity, comparing favourably with other commercially available agars
  • Detection of Salmonella occurs within 24h
  • Salmonella species appear burgundy against a transparent yellow background
  • Available in plates or as dehydrated media

The company’s microbiology agar product codes

Description Product Code Volume equivalent (L) Number of 20mL plates
Salmonella detection medium powder 1101 1.0 50
Candida detection medium powder 1102 1.0 50
Coliforms detection medium powder 1106 1.0 50
Salmonella detection agar plate 1104 10
Candida detection agar plate 1105 10
Coliforms detection agar plate 1107 10