Highly purified Diphencyprone (>99.5%)

For the treatment of Alopaecia Areata, totalis, Universalis, recalcitrant warts and some cases of metastatic melanoma.



Diphencyprone [C15H10O] (DPC) or 2,3-diphenylcycloprop-2-en-1-one (diphenlycyclopropenone), is a pale fawn coloured solid, which is guaranteed at the time of manufacture to be analytically pure and free of bromine containing impurities. Elemental and mass spectra data is available with each batch to confirm absence of higher molecular weight materials and in particular the precursor α, α –dibromodibenzyl ketone, DBBK. Diphencyprone (“DPC”) is affected by light and must be stored in total darkness at 4 – 8oC. If stored under these conditions the compound is stable for up to three years. The company provides DPC which is >99.5% pure. Full analytical details are provided with each batch.

Mechanism of action

DPC is a synthetic allergen which induces a hypersensitivity response when applied topically. It modulates MHC class II expression in epidermal keratinocytes and induces cytokine mRNA expression of IL-2, IL-8, IL-10 and tumour necrosis factor-α.


DPC is used extensively for the treatment of alopecia areata and warts. Alopaecia Areata (AA) is a common disorder affecting 0.1% of the population. Immunotherapy has proved to be an effective treatment and the agent of choice is Diphencyprone. Recalcitrant warts are one of the most common therapeutic problems encountered by the dermatologist. Treatment of recalcitrant warts with contact sensitizer DPC has proved particularly successful. DPC has also been used in the successful treatment of some cases of metastatic melanoma. Details of the therapeutic use of DPC can be found in the References.


Treatment is carried out under the supervision of a Dermatologist, Pharmacist or medically trained personnel. Detailed documentation and batch details are provided with each order as well as an example of treatment protocol if required. The amount required will depend on the length of treatment and number of patients. DPC is used in acetone solution (prepared by a Pharmacist) and the concentration varies up to 3% depending on the usage. Please enquire if uncertain of the quantity to order.

Minimum package size is one gram. Other quantities are available. Please contact us for prices.

Description Product Code MSDS
2,3-diphenylcycloprop-2-en-1-one powder

(DPC, diphencyprone)

>99.5% purity

1076 DPC


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