Chromogenic Coliform Agar (CCA)

For detection of coliform bacteria including Escherichia coli 


Coliforms including Escherichia coli are used as primary indicators of faecal contamination in water and food industries. Their presence and enumeration in samples is used as an index of the presence of faecal matter and is indicative of the possible presence of enteric pathogens. Escherichia coli are also the most common pathogen in urinary tract infections. This product incorporates the company’s chromogenic galactoside that detects clinical levels of coliforms with high sensitivity.


This agar contains the company’s galactoside substrate. Coliform bacteria (capable of fermenting lactose) grown on this agar produce bright red colonies within 24-48 hours of incubation at 37°C. The red-coloured colonies contrasting with the yellow background of the medium allows unambiguous identification.

Key Features Coliform agar

• Detects coliforms (lactose-fermenting bacteria) including Escherichia coli

• Rapid identification within 24h

• Positive results are shown as red-coloured colonies contrasting with the yellow background of the medium allowing unambiguous identification

• Available in plates or as dehydrated media

Kit Contents

The Candida Diagnostic Agar can be purchased in two different forms as a dry media  or set of pre-poured plates.

The company’s microbiology agar product codes

Description Product Code Volume equivalent (L) Number of 20mL plates
Salmonella detection medium powder 1101 1.0 50
Candida detection medium powder 1102 1.0 50
Coliforms detection medium powder 1106 1.0 50
Salmonella detection agar plate 1104 10
Candida detection agar plate 1105 10
Coliforms detection agar plate 1107 10